Below you will find answers to key questions about the Panasonic Premier Rewards programme.

If your question is not answered, please Contact Us.

  • How many points will I receive and how much are they worth?

    You will receive 1 point for every £1 you spend on qualifying Panasonic products. Each 1000 points equates to £14 in vouchers.

  • How many points do I need before I can claim a voucher?

    The minimum voucher claim value is £25, this equates to a spend of £1,785.

  • At which retailers can I redeem my vouchers?

    Love2Shop rewards are accepted at thousands of retailers worldwide.

  • Can I donate my vouchers to charity? If so, which charities?

    Vouchers can be donated to amp’s charity of the year – Isabel Hospice. Alternatively you may donate vouchers to another registered charity of your choice.

  • Which products qualify for points?

    All Panasonic units and accessories products will qualify for the point’s scheme. Spare parts and non-Panasonic accessories do not apply.

  • Will all my orders qualify for the scheme?

    All orders for qualifying products at your standard buying terms will qualify. AMP reserve the right to withhold points on price supported or orders outside your standard buying terms.

  • Do I have to redeem my points within a certain time scale?

    Points must be used within 12 months of earning them otherwise they will expire i.e. points earned in December 2017 will expire in December 2018. We will email you once a month with updates and warnings if your points are due to expire imminently.

  • Do the Love2Shop vouchers have an expiry date?

    All vouchers have expiration dates, the length of which varies by retailer.  Please check the details on your vouchers as once they have been claimed from AMP they cannot be replaced/reissued.

  • How do I know what my points balance is?

    You may contact AMP for an update on your points balance, however we will email you once a month with an update.

  • How do I claim my vouchers?

    Contact AMP and we will provide you with an up to date points balance and what this equates to in vouchers. You may then claim you vouchers online or by emailing Vouchers will be sent to you by registered post, or by hand from your local sales rep.

  • Do I need to participate in any training to take part in Panasonic Premier Rewards Scheme?

    No, the Panasonic Premier Rewards Scheme is not linked to the warranty / training scheme in anyway.

  • Can multiple people apply from my company/branch?

    We can only accept one application per company. For companies with multiple branches, in different locations, we will choose on a case-by-case basis whether separate branches can sign up.

For more information about Panasonic Premier Rewards please refer to our FAQs or Contact Us.

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